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King Motorsport's Drivers - The Three Kings
Rex King Bio
Russ King Bio

The King Motorsport's Crew

The King family could not ask for a better group of people to call their crew. They have led us to victory on multiple occasions. We are beyond "TEAM". We are FAMILY!

Though their dedication and hard work, they make the King Motorsport's drivers look stellar on the race track. Their knowledge, loyalty, and hunger for the race has put us in the front of the field. We have shared wins and losses along with both the excitement and the pain that comes with a racing venture.

We are like a child when it nears time to head out to the track. It is a feeling that only the members of your race family can truly appreciate and admire.

On many occcasions, a "Thank You" doesn't seem to be enough. But, for our race team, that is all that they ask!

We want to thank these fantastic people from the bottom of our hearts. We are fortunate to be associated with each and everyone of them.


Rex, Sis, & Family